Arthur's Reading Race Edit

Based on the Arthur TV series and classic Arthur Adventures created by Marc Brown

Plot Edit

Arthur can read everywhere. He reads in the car, in bed, and to Pal and his sister D.W. One day, Arthur decides he can teach his sister how to read, too. D.W. says she already knows how to read. Arthur holds a bet that she can read ten words, and then he'll buy her an ice cream.

For the first word, Arthur gets D.W. to read the ZOO sign.

The next three words Arthur sees are TAXI, GAS, and MILK.

At a curb, D.W. reads a DON'T WALK sign.

At the park, D.W. reads the word POLICE on a police car, but notices that Arthur is disobeying a sign reading KEEP OFF THE GRASS.

Next, D.W. reads BANK on the bank sign.

For the last two words, D.W. reads the ICE CREAM sign on the ice cream shop.

After eating the ice cream, Arthur says he'll read D.W. his book. Arthur sits on a bench, but D.W. points out that there's a sign on it saying WET PAINT! Now, Arthur's bottom is covered in paint.