Come over to My House is a 1966 children's book written by Dr. Seuss and illustrated by Richard Erdoes, later by Katie Kath in 2016. The name "Theo. LeSieg" was a pen name of Theodor Geisel, who is more commonly known by another pen name, Dr. Seuss.

The illustrations portray the various styles of homes that kids from around the world live in along with Seuss's recognizable prose. Throughout the book they also cover what kids eat, how they sleep (Japanese wooden pillows), play (sledding on pine needles), and even clean-up afterwards (Polynesian hot spring).

The book was the 44th in the Beginner Books series, in between B-43: You Will Live Under the Sea (1966) by F. & M. Phleger and B-45: Babar Loses His Crown (1967), by Laurent de Brunhoff.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the third Beginner Book written only by Dr. Seuss, as Theo. LeSieg.
  • Here is a list of known illustrated houses and world locations in the book:
    • Page 3: Wigwam
    • Page 4: Igloo
    • Page 10-11: Pagoda, Japan
    • Page 12: Log cabin
    • Page 16: Apartment
    • Page 18-19: Venetian house, Venice, Italy
    • Page 28-29: Chinese houseboat
    • Page 31: Indian palace, India
    • Page 38-39: Israel
    • Page 41: Desert tent
    • Page 42: Alaska
    • Page 46-47: Australia
    • Page 51: Japan
  • On page 39, there is a book with Hebrew writing.