Conrad is a rule breaker (as seen in The Cat in the Hat tv, The Cat in the Hat film 1971, 2003) and has broken a rule by doing "indoor stairloosh". He has sister named Sally.The two sometimes fightike conrad spitting on his hand and trying to touch sally with the "spit hand" when the heard BUMP! all that bump made them jump when that bump was made by none other than The Cat in the Hat. He is also sometimes named Nick and is not Sally's brother, but his best friend forever.


Conrad (The Cat in the Hat Film)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Conrad had a tight, slightly wrinkled face, slick dark brown hair, with a small ponytail tied with a bow on the back of his head. He usually wore a hat and a variety of dark coats, always buttoned up. They ranged from dark brown, to a dark green color. He also usually wore black gloves on his hand, adding to his already sinster look. He also usually wore black shoes, black shorts and a blue shirt.