Put Me in the Zoo is a 1960 Beginner Book written and illustrated by Robert Lopshire.

Story Edit

The book begins with a spotted animal going to the zoo. He wants to stay there, but the zookeepers kick him out for being such a nonsense animal. A couple of kids ask why the animal should be in the zoo and what good he is. He shows them by changing his spots' color from red to blue, and then to orange and green and violet and finally multicolored.

The animal shows the kids what he can do with his spots; he can put them on anything, including the kids. He can also make them appear and disappear, and also make them small and very tall, and make them one big spot.

The animal can also make spot socks, and also make them fly into the air, and finally they end up buried in a pile of spots. The kids claim they like they things the animal can do, but since he doesn't belong in the zoo, they show him a circus. The spotted animal thinks he likes it in the circus.

Trivia Edit

  • The Cat in the Hat makes a cameo among the circus spectators.