Sally is Conrad's sister, She is not hyper,a rule breaker,or anything like conrad she has friends as seen during a birthday party The cat in the hat disguises himself as the pinata(PIN-Yaut-UH) while trying to hide,but gets hit by alot of bats but a large kid comes in with an actual real baseball bat and hits him between the legs and on the rear. She obeys rules and liked the main villain - Lawrence Quinn - until he yelled, "Nobody likes a suck-up!" in her face. She got revenge by slamming the door at Lawrence. Her best friend forever is Nick, an animated Conrad.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sally wears a blue dress adorned with yellow polka dots and a red patch. She sports a white pearl necklace around her neck, a blue bow on her orange hair, a black one-shouldered tank-top exposing her midriff, one long glove that covers most of her right arm, and one black bracelet on her left arm, black shoes and mismatched socks - one red and white striped stocking and a short lacy sock. Despite this being Sally having a button eye.