The Bears Christmas is a book by Stan and Jan Berenstain. It was first published in 1979. 

Story Edit

It's Christmastime in Bear Country. Small Bear sees that Santa gave him a sled, some ice skates, and a pair skis.

Small Bear decides to try the sled first. Papa shows him that a tall, tall mountain is the best place to go sledding. At the top, Papa shows his son how to do a belly flop, but falls flat on the snow.

Now, Papa has to teach his son how to skate. He takes him to a pond, where he tries on Small Bear's skates (although they're too small for him) and skates a figure eight, but since the ice is too thin, he falls into the water. Small Bear helps him out. Papa warms up while he watches his son skate a figure sixteen.

Now, Papa has to teach his son how to ski. At the top of the ski mountain, Papa instructs his son not to slip, but since he's too busy watching his son, he slips anyway and is rolled into a snowball, while Small Bear skis on his tail.

Papa crashes on the bears' tree house. Small Bear thanks him for his lessons on going sledding, skating, and skiing. They go inside and have hot cocoa.