The Bike Lesson: Another Adventure of the Berenstain Bears is a 1964 Beginner Book starring the Berenstain Bears. Written and Illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Synopsis Edit

Papa Bear brings a new bike to the Bear Family's house. Small Bear wants to ride it, but Papa holds him up and says he has some lessons before he can ride.

For lesson one, Papa shows his son how to get on, but ends up falling over. Small Bear wants to get on now, but Papa must show him the second lesson: how to stop. But, he gets hit through a tree branch.

Now, Papa shows his son the third lesson: how to turn. He comes to a rock path, but gets hit by a rock and is sent flying and lands on a roof of a house. For lesson four, Papa shows him how to avoid a puddle: "Will you go around or ride right through?" But without any attention, he goes right through and falls in.

For lesson five, Papa shows his son how to carefully ride down a hill. But he rides so fast he crashes through a chicken yard. Next up, for the sixth lesson, Papa shows his son how to carefully ride to where a road leads, but Papa speaks too son and falls off a gap. Small Bear helps him up.

For the final lesson, Papa shows his son he's always riding on the right hand side. However, he's on the left hand side. Papa avoids an ongoing truck before he quickly moves to the right hand side, but causes a traffic crash. However, Papa finally allows Small Bear to ride it.

Translations Edit

  • Dutch: De Fietsles (Weer een avontuur van de Berenstain Beren)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second book in the Berenstain Bears series.
  • In the British and Oceanian version of the book, the pictures on pages 52-57 are mirrored, to indicate that these countries are the countries where people drive on the left hand side road.