The Cat in the Hat is from the New Line Cinema series, a series of interactive animated multimedia children's books produced by Broderbund and distributed on CD-ROM for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. The series began with the release of Just Grandma and Me (an adaptation of the book by Mercer Mayer) in 1996; other titles in the series included The Tortoise and the Hare, Arthur's Teacher Trouble, (and other adaptations of books by Marc Brown), Warner Bros. titles.

Just like the 1957 book, the Cat in the Hat comes in the house, he then balances a teacup, a rake, a cake, some milk, three books, the Fish, a toy boat, a toy man, a red fan, and his umbrella while he's on a ball. After that, the Cat in the Hat brings Thing One and Thing Two from a box. They begin to fly kites in the house. After Thing 1 and Thing 2 did some bad tricks, the kids hear their mother coming, and they have to clean up the mess before the mother comes.

  • Read To Me button:

Has a story to read to you.

  • Let Me Play button:

Takes you to the story and lets you play there.

  • Options button:

Takes you to the Options menu where you can see the credits.

  • Quit button:

Closes Living Books and returns you to your computer desktop.